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Municipal IQ is a unique web-based data and intelligence service specialising in the monitoring and assessment of all of South Africa’s 257 municipalities. Municipal IQ quantifies the performance of South African municipalities on a range of indices and monitors. This allows for the benchmarking of municipalities and a comparison of performance.  

Municipal IQ was launched in 2007 and is owned and run by Kevin Allan and Karen Heese. Kevin is a local government expert with more than twenty years of experience in the field including work in national policy and legislation as well as advisory research and consulting work with national and provincial departments and a number of municipalities. This included a stint as advisor to a previous national minister for provincial and local government. Karen is an economist who has worked in local government and development finance for more than twenty years.

Municipal IQ endeavours to produce cutting edge research which accurately reflects what is happening in individual municipalities based on data trends. Municipal IQ is an independent entity and is not allied to any political party or government body. Municipal IQ does not receive any government civil society or corporate funding beyond annual client subscription fees.

Who should subscribe to Municipal IQ?

Users of Municipal IQ services are typically large institutional clients who require detailed data and analysis accessed through payment of an annual fee. The service is currently used by following stakeholders:

  • Those regulating and monitoring the performance of municipalities including national and provincial government as well as provincial legislatures.
  • Financial services or development finance institutions and other service providers wanting to objectively assess the prospects and performance of municipalities across a range of socio-economic as well as financial considerations.
  • Municipalities wishing to benchmark their progress against other municipalities regionally provincially and nationally.

What services are offered by Municipal IQ?

An annual subscription to Municipal IQ provides clients with three services:

  • Full use of our products on the website:
    • We have 9 different performance indices measuring issues including: municipal productivity poverty levels poverty and free basic service delivery compliance and governance as well as a developmental credit risk model; and
    • We have 12 monitors monitoring issues as diverse as expenditure and revenue levels to levels of crime and changes in transactional banking.
    • We have 4 individual profiles: a general profile (summarising pertinent data from the indices and monitors for each municipality as well as demographic statistics); a performance profile (trending scores on Municipal IQ indices); a strategic snapshot review; and a developmental credit risk scorecard for each municipality; and a provincial profile summarising pertinent municipal information for each province.
  • Access to the Municipal IQ local government publication service publications are e-mailed to users:
    • We have published more on average 4-5 briefings a month since our launch in 2007 on topical issues in the environment since our launch seven years ago;
    • We publish a weekly news review analysing local government stories in the press over the previous week;
    • We publish a monthly “newsmaker municipality” and "personality" profile to provide contextual information and analysis on municipalities hitting the headlines;
    • We publish Municipal IQ product profiles which is a short introduction to one of the 19 specific products available on the website; and
    • We publish a number of larger research reviews including an annual State of Local Government Review.
  • Access to the Municipal IQ local government query service (we provide clients with a phone-in or e-mail query service where we provide specialised support or advice or answer technical data and other queries from clients on local government issues).

If you would like more information please contact Kevin Allan by e-mail at kevin@municipaliq.co.za