Joburg SA's best city

Johannesburg was found to be the most productive place to live, work and invest in, according to data company Municipal IQ.

This was according to the company's Municipal Productivity Index (MPI), its economist Karen Heese said on Friday.

MPI measures five factors, which reflect the productivity of a municipality relating to both residents and investors in that municipality.

These are: poverty and municipal response to poverty; access to a minimum level of municipal services; economic "intelligence" (infrastructure used by residents to participate in the economy); financial governance and expenditure; and occupancy rates (the converse of administrative vacancy rates) in the municipal administration.

Johannesburg beat Cape Town, last year's top performer, by 3,7 points.

Heese said: "Johannesburg's performance is buoyed especially by consistently good performance in financial governance and expenditure where it does significantly better than the other eight cities, whereas Cape Town drops two places because of its poor relative performance on financial governance and expenditure".

The best local municipalities are in the Western and Northern Cape, with KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape as the worst performers, they said. - Sapa