Welcome to Municipal IQ

Municipal IQ is a unique web-based data and intelligence service specialising in the monitoring and assessment of all of South Africa’s 278 municipalities.

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Target audience

Municipal IQ targets municipalities specialist financial services and government regulators interested in the performance of South African municipalities and the policy terrain in which local government operates.

Covid-19 Indices

Covid-19 presents the greatest risk to South African communities since democracy. Municipal IQ, using a breakdown of socio-economic data by ward, has combined socio-economic ward level data with specific Covid-19 data (specifically death rates) to devise three indices.

If you are a public official or public health sector expert, please contact kevin@municipaliq.co.za to request access

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Ward IQ

Ward IQ is a data and intelligence website providing information and analysis on the
4 393 wards across South Africa.

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Indices and Monitors

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Client Interaction and Liaison

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